What You Can Expect…

We plan exciting activities & events throughout Greater Victoria and beyond. Our activities are varied and appeal to all tastes. Let us take care of all the details…while you relax & have fun!

What you can expect …

  • Fun nights on the town
  • Door to door transportation
  • Exciting events & outings
  • Best seats in the house
  • Dinner or Lunch included
  • Socialize & make new friends
  • Scheduled Events Calendar
  • All inclusive costs – no membership fees


What To Do:

Phone us promptly to add your name to the reservation list for the event(s) of your choice.  The best seats for popular events go fast… don’t be disappointed.

Your Preferred Method of Payment:

  • For credit card transactions, leave your name & phone number (don’t leave your cc information).  We will return your call promptly & take your credit details over the phone.  You can be confident knowing your cc information is secured.
  • Unless advised otherwise, we do not keep your credit card information “on file”.
  • Mail your cheque/deposit/full amount, to the above mailing address.
  • For your convenience, book-on-line, here on our website.  We will confirm promptly, by return email.

Voicemail:  250.383.4386

If you have any questions or concerns,  leave your name & contact phone number & your call will be returned promptly.


Deposits are non-refundable, as they cover the cost of your event ticket. After mailing your deposit, the balance is required on the day of your event.  If you have paid the full amount & are unable to attend the event, we will credit you with the balance; minus your deposit.  Please know, we make every effort to sell your ticket.  If we are successful you will receive a credit, in full.

Remember, your deposit is required to confirm your booking.  

Thank you for your understanding & acceptance of our policy.


Booking Your Reservation:

When planning events, timing is critical for our ability to book quality seating.  Phone A.S.A.P. to add your name to the reservation list for the event(s) you would like to attend, so we know how many tickets to book.  Now you can relax & look forward to your day-trip or evenings entertainment, knowing everything is taken care of !


How We Choose Events:

…very carefully & always with our Butterflies in mind!
Each event or day trip is chosen, after careful consideration, for it’s entertainment value & popularity.   Now & again we like to surprise you. We try hard to offer a varied & exciting programme, which will appeal to many different tastes & interests. During the summer months, we offer less concerts & more day-trips, as many of the theatres are on their summer holidays.  Suggestions, or comments are always considered.


Adding New Events:

Now & then, after our Events Calendar has already been published, an event comes to our attention which we think you would enjoy.   When this happens, we send a notice to our email list, announcing the event & phone those Butterflies on our mailing list that we think would be interested. If you would like to attend the event, please phone or email
as soon as possible, as we need to have enough numbers to make it viable.


There are times when we need to be flexible & change the advertised restaurant.  Although we prefer not to have to do this, sometimes it is unavoidable. Some restaurants aren’t equipped for larger groups & at other times, for whatever reason, we feel the restaurant is not right for the Social Butterflies.   As you know, it can be difficult catering to many different tastes, however we try hard to please & we are always on the look-out for restaurants that will make our Butterflies happy.

Thank you for your patience & understanding concerning this matter.

Name Tags:

nametagContact us to order your personal name tag ($10.00).  They are elegant, light & you will feel comfortable & proud while wearing it. Your name tag allows other Butterflies to put a ‘name to a face,’ thus making new friends easier.  It also helps the host to identify you in a group. Remember to wear it…. it’s doing no good at home!


Knight Limousine Service Ltd. provides safe, secure, fully insured, door-to-door service with professional, friendly & helpful drivers.  Although we are not wheelchair accessible, we do accommodate walkers.  We will phone you the day prior to your event, with your pick-up time.


In Case of An Emergency:

It is important to fill out our Emergency Contact Information Form.   This information is confidential & only accessed by Management, in an emergency situation. Your family & friends will be pleased to know we have your best interests at heart.

Theatre Etiquette:

As we attend many productions, it is important that we are all aware of the theatre etiquette do’s and don’t’s.  This makes for a pleasant experience for everyone.

1)  No cameras
2)  Turn off cell phones
3)  Take your seat before the lights dim
4 ) No talking once the show has started
5)  No rustling of candies
6)  No perfume as people can have allergies