Butterflies have their say….



A memory.. Dear Natalie, you are our fantastic Madame Butterfly! So many lovely places you take us to. Being picked up & taken home after a delightful outing & delicious meal – thank you so much for this wonderful privilege.   Norma Fitzsimmons The ‘flower lady’.


“Thank you for another great outing…..the concert & dinner were both excellent! You have such great insight into fun events & your organizational skills are top notch also” Gwen


“Thank you so much for a lovely evening. Delicious food & the company was fun!  Happy Holidays & a wonderful 2020.” Cathy


“The Social Butterflies fill a void for me & sure make my days
so much brighter! ”  Diana


“Thank you for another delightful ‘Butterflies’ outing. I loved the dinner and the play choices.  I’m so glad I discovered The Social Butterflies….I haven’t had so  much fun in a long time! ”    Gwen


“Thank you for yesterday’s outing – I really enjoyed myself!  Natalie, you are a wonderful hostess, graceful, friendly and a great organizer.  Mark is such a wonderful, friendly and careful driver – thank you Mark.”  Marietta


“Well done Natalie & Mark…another fun day.
The ride up Island to The Crow & Gate Pub was a real treat & the food was excellent…..thank you! ” Gwendolyn


“Great show, this evening….Natalie sure knows how to pick them!” Lynn


“Natalie & Mark, you should both be a national treasure”  Peggy


“Thank you Natalie & Mark for all the wonderful outings & events you put together…I’m having such a great time!  The Social Butterflies have made such a huge difference in my life. No longer do I feel isolated. I am now able to go out & socialize in good company, enjoying exciting shows & concerts. Being picked up & taken home…is a blessing!” Jacquie


“Thank you Natalie & Mark for a great evening. I can’t express how much I enjoyed it! The show was fabulous & adding to my enjoyment, was your service.
Being picked up & delivered home, is the only way to go…..right to my door!” Alix


“Thank you, Natalie & Mark for all the wonderful outings during this past year!  Natalie, you put a lot of effort into these events & I really appreciate what you are doing.  Can’t wait to receive the Spring 2019 Calendar!”  Peggy


“Thank you so much for the wonderful day-trips you organized for us this year.  We had a terrific time!  Looking forward to many more in 2019.  Happy New Year!”                           Sandra & John

“A special thank you to Natalie and Mark for their roles in creating such a delightful evening! Natalie, your style of perfection is unsurpassed!  The concert & dinner were so enjoyable. Mark with his ready smile, caring comments, assistance & his skillful driving, creates a true sense of  security. I shall be looking forward to my next experience in 2019.”  Judy

 “To be pampered with a driver, door-to-door service, in good company, with a fabulous show to follow… how can I endure three more days of waiting.  Roll on Saturday!”       Diana


“Many thanks for making the wonderful Sooke Fine Arts Show possible for me!  A special thanks to Gregg our driver.”  Lorna


“Dear Natalie – you are our lovely Madame Butterfly! You take us to so many great places.  Being picked up & dropped off at our front door, after a delicious dinner & a delightful concert… thank you Natalie & Mark for this wonderful privilege.” Norma


“Fabulous is a full time job, Natalie, but you handle it so well!”  Diane


“Once again, thank you for being so efficient and caring. I look forward to my next outing with you.”   Judith


“Its so good to just hop on board the Butterfly Bus, sit back & enjoy all the terrific outings you put together….I’m never disappointed!
Can’t wait to receive your next Calendar of Events.  Happy days!”  Diana


“ Thank you, once again, for the most wonderful evening Natalie….it was absolutely delightful!”  Janice


“Our mother adores these ‘outings’ & we thank you so much for all that you offer, to such a treasured population of Victoria.”  Jodi & Bob


“Thank you so much for all the super events, this past year. Each one was a ‘highlight’ for me!”  Audrey


“I look forward to many more enjoyable Social Butterfly outings! With thanks & for happy days”  Diana


“Bless The Social Butterflies! I am SO pleased to have two such dear friends in my life.”  Norma


“Thank you so much for a really lovely evening…limousine and all!”  Thelma


“What a great website!   Thank you Natalie and Mark, I’m sure there’s much on there I would like to do!”  Margaret


“It’s reassuring to know mom’s in caring hands. Your outings are proving to be good for her. Thank you.” Dawn


“Natalie and Mark – Thank you for all your efforts, on our behalf !” Katie


“Happy New Year Natalie & Mark. Thank you for another great Butterfly year!
Your dedication & thoughtfulness is very much appreciated!” Shirley


“Thanks to Mark, Natalie and Kelly for all your work to make the trip to Granville Island on May 19th possible for us.
You have to do a lot to bring it off, and it is appreciated!”  Suzanne


WOW ! I just looked at the summer schedule and it sure looks great. Deciding will be the hard part, eh?  Valerie & Bill


“Thank you for a wonderful evening on Sunday.  The music, the singing, friendship and laughter, made it so much fun!”Audrey


“We thoroughly enjoyed our day-trip to Vancouver, with the Butterflies.
Loved the Chinese Gardens & The dim sum was delicious…thank you!” Niki  & Bruce


“Congratulations and thank you for all you have done to make the Social Butterflies such a great success ….. long may it continue! ” Berniece


“I would like to offer you my warm ‘thanks’ for the Social Butterflies past season’s outings. I enjoyed the day trips so
much this past wonderful summer.  Meeting interesting people along the way, was a special aspect and bonus.
I would like to take this opportunity to say how much I appreciate how well you manage these events… with class and kindness.”Virginia


“You are both making a lot of people happy with your business…including me.  Keep up the great work”   Irene


                   “Thank you so much for all you do. I am so thankful for knowing two people like you and for the ‘ unique’ service you provide.”  Jan


“Thank you for a truly great ‘Butterfly’ year!”  Shirley


“Wishing you both continued success throughout the New Year. I haven’t had so much fun in years !
Your choice of outings are exciting, the food is delicious & you are both wonderful !”  Betty


“Until I discovered The Social Butterflies I rarely ventured out in the evenings.
The friendly rapport of Natalie & Mark & the safe door-to-door transportation makes for worry free, joyful outings.”  Mary


“The Social Butterflies has to be one of the best things that has come into our lives in decades!”
“It rescues seniors from being lonely and provides wonderful outings to suit everyone. Lots of fun !  Try it….. you’ll like it !”  Pat


“Being able to go out in the evenings, to enjoy excellent entertainment, in good company…is absolutely wonderful!”  Rosemary


“The Social Butterflies continues to be a great source of happiness to me. Each person I have met, has been kind & friendly & we have had many wonderful adventures together….wine tasting & farm tours through the Cowichan Valley & Salt Spring Island  & even some exciting shows in Vancouver.  I hope this will be the beginning of a long and rewarding relationship…. I am very grateful to The Social Butterflies.”     Ralph


“The Social Butterflies have enlightened my life ! Every outing has been a very pleasant experience. The courtesy shown by Natalie & Mark & their drivers, is exceptional.  Their choices of entertainment are varied & wonderful. Lots of laughter on the bus and at dinner !”  Audrey


“The Social Butterflies have enabled me to see many wonderful shows & do many things I couldn’t have done on my own.
My children are  very happy that I take advantage of the safe, well organized outings. I have made some very good friends.”     Margery


“Thank you for all the great music, delicious food and tender, loving care. Cheers !”  Beth & Ruth


“The Social Butterflies have made it safe and easy for my wife & I to go out, with good company, to enjoy all the great shows.
Everything is well organized & it’s good to be able to get out of the house, without any cares !”Harry & Aileen


“I very much enjoy being a Social Butterfly ! The events & outings are varied & there is something to please everyone.
Great choice of restaurants. The transportation is always on time &  friendly, helpful drivers.”  Freda


“I love being a part of The Social Butterflies. I always have something to look forward to & I have made lots of friends, whom I enjoy.
Natalie & Mark are very accommodating….making sure all of us have a wonderful time !”  Irene


“The Social Butterflies have made a tremendous difference to my life.  I don’t drive anymore and I’m now able to go out & enjoy all the different shows I previously would have missed. Everything is taken care of for me & the door-to-door service makes me feel very secure.”  Margaret